LED display kit

What is LED message display kit


  • LED message display kit is to simulate the LMD protocol on your PC or system to help you develop your messaging program at ease.
  • You can use this kit in the field as an “LPR system displayer, PLC information displayer, robot message displayer, etc.”


  • Message data can be transmitted and displayed in real time from the customer’s system, as the sample images below.
  • You can store multiple messages and display them in page order.
  • Up to 255 background images (text, graphics, animation) can be stored and recalled directly for display or used as the background for various messages.
  • Each line displays 12 English/numeric characters or 6 language characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) in pure 7 colors for excellent visibility.
  • More than 40 display effects are supported, allowing up to 120 characters to be displayed with left shift effects and larger fonts.
  • RS-232, TTL and Ethernet” communication ports can be used simultaneously.
  • Supports various optional products such as RS485 converter, relay output board, brightness control sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, GPS time data receiver, etc.
  • Using high-quality LED chips, it is and bright (2200nits), has a long lifespan (over 7 years), and has low power consumption (under 15W).


This LED display kit includes an RS232 cable (30cm) and an Ethernet cable (1m) and excludes the enclosure and power supply.
Therefore, you must purchase the adapter (DC5V-5A, socket Dia.5.5/2.1) from link1, link2.

  1. LED module(LMD-P3-2R6C-16S)
  2. LMD controller(LMD-C1-1E)
  3. TTL to Ethernet converter(LMD-S2E)
  4. Terminal Block
  5. Adapter socket
  6. DC5V to LED module
  7. DC5V to Controller
  8. Data cable to LED module
  9. Ethernet port(RJ45)
  10. RS232 port
  11. TTL port
  12. TTL cable(5V, TX, RX, GND)
  13. Support(M3 screw, spacer, magnet)

Optional Parts
1. RS485 converter(LMD-RS485)
2. Switch IO board(LMD-IO)
3. Relay board(LMD-Relay)
4. GPS time data receiver(LMD-GPS)
5. Temperature / Humidity sensor(LMD-T-H)
6. Auto brightness control cell (LMD-CDS)
7. Enclosure made of metal or aluminum

How to Simulate

  1. Connect your PC to the LED display kit with RS232 or Ethernet cable, and supply the power(DC5V) by using the adapter.
  2. Download the Protocol Simulator to your PC(Window only), unzip and run the simulator.
  3. Click “Special Function” and set up the followings according to “Simulator manual, 2. Preparaton“.
  4. Proceed the message display simulation as follows:
    • Click “ASCII Message” tap.
    • Enter the message protocol (Ex. “![000Hello world!]”) in a text input box.
    • Click “Save”.
    • Click “Preview” to see the preview image on the pop-up screen.
    • Click “Send”. Then the message will be displayed on the LED signboard.
    • Try to send various message protocol of “real time message” and “page messages” by referring to “the simulator manual” and “LEDmsg Protocol document”.
  5. Apply your final message protocols to your messaging system.

☞ If you want to display the message with background images, refer to the “DabitChe software manual”.

Please refer to “A-4 Additional Examples of Real-Time Message” for various real-time message protocols, as shown in the image below.

LED Message Display kits

You can request us the RFQ to buy any of the followings.

NO.Model NameScreen Size[1]Resolution[2]Brightness[3]Application[4]Connectivity[5]Price[6]
1LMD-KIT-P2.5-2R4C_E80 x 160mm (2R x 4C)P2.5, 32x64dot900 cd/m2Indoor, 2~10mRS232/TTL, Ethernet$81 ~ $95
2LMD-KIT-P2.5-2R8C_S80 x 320mm (2R x 8C)P2.5, 32x128dot900 cd/m2Indoor, 2~10mRS232/TTL$80 ~ $94
3LMD-KIT-P3-1R4C_S48 x 192mm (1R x 4C)P3, 16x64dot900 cd/m2indoor, 3~11mRS232/TTL$74 ~ $87
4LMD-KIT-P3-1R8C_S48 x 384mm (1R x 8C)P3, 16x128dot900 cd/m2indoor, 3~11mRS232/TTL$97 ~ $113
5LMD-KIT-P3-2R6C_E96 x 288mm (2R x 6C)P3, 32x96dot2200 cd/m2Semi-outdoor, 3~11mRS232/TTL, Ethernet$127 ~ $149
6LMD-KIT-P4-4R16C-E256 x 1024mm
(4R x 16C)
P4, 64x256dot6000 cd/m2Outdoor,
7LMD-KIT-P6-2R10C-S96 x 960mm (2R x 10C)P6, 32X160dot6000 cd/m2Outdoor, 8~18mRS232/TTL$127 ~ $149
8LMD-KIT-P8-1R8C-S128 x 256mm,
4 rows
6000 cd/m2Outdoor,

*LMD-KIT-P3-2R6C-E: Led Message Display kit, Pitch 3mm, 2 Rows x 6 Columns, Serial/Ethernet communication
*LMD-KIT-P6-2R10C-S:Led Message Display kit, Pitch 6mm, 2 Rows x 10 Columns, Serial communication

If you need other sizes or specifications as below, please contact us for a quote.

  • Pitch: 2 ~ 10mm
  • Screen size: Maximum 8 rows (128 dots), maximum 64 columns (1024 dots) in 7 colors
  • Communication: RS232/TTL(basic), Ethernet, RS485, WIFI/Bluetooth
  • Application: Indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor… Single-side, double-side, 3 or 4 sides
  • LED frame(enclosure), custom requirements