• LEDmsg Protocol Simulator : Windows program(zip), user manual(html, pdf)
  • DabitChe Text Editor : Windows program(zip), user manual(pdf)


  1. Controllers : click each Model name of “Product > Controllers and Options“. 
  2. LMD Modules : click each Model name of “Product > LED modules“.

Optional Guide for LMD controller

  1. Ethernet converter: LMD-S2E, LMD-E1
  2. RS485 converter
  3. PLC Switch IO Board
  4. GPS time receiver
  5. CdS sensor for auto brightness control
  6. Relay block to control peripheral devices 
  7. Temperature and humidity sensor
  8. How to display Euro Extended font

☞refer to [Note2] of “Product > Controllers and Options“.
☞see the pictures of all optional parts