LMD Controllers have been used in various industrial LED display signboards since 2006.

  • To display Parking information or LPR system information such as parking space information, vehicle information, parking time and fees.
  • To display bus information such as current/next stop, route and destination.
    A keypad can be provided that the driver can manually operate when necessary.
  • To display timetables for buses, subways, trains, etc. at stations and stops.
  • To display road traffic information, including speed limits and safety information.
  • To display programmed message of robots and drons.
    It can be configured with low power and high brightness, which is advantageous when used in devices that use batteries.
  • To display factory production status such as target value, current performance, and achievement rate
  • To display environmental data information such as fine dust, ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, weather information, noise, etc.
  • To display PLC information interfaced with RS485, Ethernet or direct ON/OFF signals
  • To display score information in the stadium such as team/player name, score, ball count, etc.
  • To display information of solar power plant such as current power generation, accumulated power generation, solar radiation, and CO2 reduction amount
  • To display tunnel information such as driving lane, safe speed, and emergency situations within the tunnel.

Please fill out the “Questionnaire for applying LMD display” and send it to us by email, and we will guide you on how to implement it quickly, economically, and reliably.

Video images of various LMD Kits